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How can i hide AVG 2012 from Add/Remove list as well as All Programs?

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I have recently run into an issue where a user removed AVG 2012 from their PC Confused  Does anyone have a script, or something along those lines, which I can run to essentially "hide" AVG 2012 from the "Add/Remove Programs" list as well as the "All Programs" portion? 

This would be an extremely helpful feature if someone had this available.

I thank you in advance for any enlightenment someone is able to give me.


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  • While I don't have a script on hand to remove that particular entry you can follow the steps found in the link below and create a simple procedure to run against your desired machines.


    Just find the right uninstall ID for AVG 2012 (or any app you want to hide) and remove it. Just remember to make a copy before you make the changes so that you can revert if necessary.