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KES and Windows 8/Windows Server 2012

  • Hi everyone. With Windows Server 2012 having been released this month, and Windows 8 being scheduled for release soon, I was wondering about compatibility between them and AVG9 (current KES version) or the upcoming AVG2012 (upcoming KES version).

    Has anyone done any testing?  If so, what have been your results.  I have some VMs setup,but have not yet deployed AVG/KES.  I plan on doing that, but thught I would check with the K community in the meantime.



  • As I understand it, AVG 2012 doesn't support Windows 8 / Server 2012, but AVG 2013 will.


  • So I wonder if "not supported" means "it works, but don't call us if you have problems" or if it means "we tried it and it really doesnt work" ?

    Windows 8 has NOT been released yet. Windows Server 2012 is released now, and I am sure it wont be long before we will have to be supporting servers for customers.


  • Well, it's largely an academic difference in my world - I'm not brave enough to run unsupported A/V on customer machines :)

  • We just did a W-8 upgrade on a machine that had W-7 and KES on it.  So far so good.  This is one of our in-house machines so we're watching it pretty closely for any issues.  So far the only issue we've run into is that the new IE10 that is installed as a native app in W-8 does not support live connect... but that would be an issue for a different forum.