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KES 2.3 Controlled Release - Phase 2

  • As you may know, we have been in Phase 2 of Controlled Release on KES 2.3 for the last couple of weeks.  Next week we will provide the installer to a broader array of Test Pilots.

    If you have yet to notify us of your interest to participate, please provide us your contact information using the following link.


    Mike Sheffey

  • FYI - we sent out the KES 2.3 CR installer to more Test Pilots yesterday.  If you are interested in the KES 2.3 CR release; you need to agree to be a Test Pilot (sign up here: www.kaseya.com/.../test-pilot.aspx) then make a KES 2.3 participation request here:  www.surveymonkey.com/.../GJLP5LQ


  • Want to get KES 2.3 CR now?

    Get the link automatically by filling in your name on this survey: