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Missing Ticks Revisited - Security Status columns clearing/refilling on their own.

  • Rather than bump a thread from 2008, I thought I'd start a fresh one:

    First off - K2 6.2, KES 2.1, and we've been using KES since 2007

    So what we've noticed recently is that in the Security Status screen, sometimes just the "Resident" column is checked, when all 4 columns should be (Resident, Email, Link, and Web) for a particular agent.  If we go to the Install screen and click the green checkmark, it shows that they were all selected at install time, and if we go to the machine and run the local AVGUI it shows all modules in place.

    And then, spookily, sometimes, they'll all just "light back up".  Sometimes they don't, but a "Verify Install" fixes that.  However, this is very distressing to the consultant involved, because he relies on those additional modules to lighten his "but the website looked so legitimate" malware cleanup load (leaving aside gripes about the ineffectual blocking in AVG9 for certain payload types!).

    Here's a clip of what I'm talking about - not "disabled" when they shouldn't be, just plain not showing, but sometimes they just come back, and sometimes they come back after a verify.

    Anyone else run across this, or have some thoughts to share on the matter?  And I don't want to hear "KES 2.2" - it doesn't look to me like it brings any advantages to the table whatsoever!

  • Hi There, it seems that just enabling or disabling different features using the Kaseya Interface doesn't work if you missed the installation option off originally, We have created an agent procedure that executes the following command line to allow the add remove of features.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG2012\AVGmfapx.exe /UILevel=Silent /APPMODE=DOWNLOADMANAGER /DontRestart /InstallToolbar=0 /ChangeBrowserSearchProvider=0 /InstallFeatures=LinkScnFea;fea_SrchSrf__Surf;fea_OnlnSc;fea_SrchSrf__Search;fea_Emails__Outlook;fea_Emails__EMC;fea_IDP a link to the codes for all features can be found here in the avg business 2012 manual