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Machines locking up after update

  • Machines are all locking up this morning. All appear to have taken keys update right before

  • Any details on what the lockup looks like and how to work around it?  I'm getting reports of "problems with KES/AVG" this morning and just starting to investigate (just heard about it 2 minutes ago). I think my people are finding that they can disable AVG and at least not have machine be locked up, but of course, not protected either.

  • We are having a system wide issue with MBAM consuming high CPU. I do not think it is AVG.


    Seems like after uninstall, machine is back to normal. This seems completely random, but is causing a lot of headaches.

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  • I'm pretty confident that it is AVG.  i have uninstalled on a few machines and they are working now.  Seems to be mostly windows 7 64.

  • I guess for us it is  being reported from end-users as "cannot do anything after logon" - and machines intermittently go offline or liveconnect "drops".  Then, disable resident shield from the status page and the machine is OK again.  ARRGH!

  • For some reason I am not comfortable uninstalling AVG from everything. Our issue only seems to be MB, so I would check both out this morning if you are just getting your day started. Good luck!

  • I'm also experiencing the same problem on quite a few systems - all of which have both AVG and KAM (Malwarebytes) on them.  I can confirm that uninstalling AVG will fix the problem but as Dantheman said, this isn't a "fix", just a workaround.  Uninstalling KAM may also fix the problem but I haven't tried that yet.

    It seems like this could be an issue with Malwarebytes and AVG not getting along this Monday morning.

  • We are seeing it on Win XP, Vista and 7.  32 and 64 bit.  We are finding that disabling real time scanning is serving as a good temporary fix.

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  • Can everyone confirm what version of KES they are on? We upgraded to 2.2 on Tuesday night, so *perhaps* this is related to that. I did notice when checking servers this morning that there was a new virus definitions update for KES.

  • We are on 2.1 with no plans to deploy 2.2 (and by we I mean Andy Baran and myself)

  • I am on 2.2  we are mostly seeing on 7 64 but a few xp are starting to be reported.  All machines so far have had both MBAM and KES

  • I'm also on KES 2.2.

    I did just disable the malwarebytes service on another system and that also seems to have fixed the problem.  Apparently disabling either AVG or malwarebytes will fix the issue.

  • By disabling real time scanning to you mean the AVG Resident Shield?  There is a link between the versions and the problem for us.

    9.0.929 2109.1.1/4309 - no issues

    9.0.927 271.1.1/4309 - Issues

    Seems to be more prevailent on 64bit machines but is affecting a lot of each.  Anyone found anything yet?

  • We have the same problems but only on machines with KES and KAM installed.

    The latest update of KAM seems to solve the problem.

    Our test system is stable over 15 minutes now.

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  • Yes I do mean the Resident Shield.