We've been having a weird problem wherein we're not able to Assign KES Profiles. When attempted, a progress bar appears (just below the "Only display machines with the selected profile" checkbox) and never goes away. I can click on other Kaseya modules and effectively break out of it, but the profiles are unchangeable. I've tried several things with no success:

- Applying Kaseya hotfixes

- Re-applying DB schema

- Assigning profiles with different browsers (IE8 and IE9, FireFox 7, Chrome 15), OSes (XP 32-bit, 7 64-bit) and users (including the Kaseya VSA master admin)

- Ensuring the profiles were properly owned

- Ensuring web gardening was disabled on the server

- Restarting Kaseya server

I believe this problem is causing other issues within KES as well (installations frequently fail) but this is the most visible and easily-tested error and I think focusing on that makes the most sense. Any ideas as to what this could be and how to fix it?