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AVG Expired Message on Servers

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Is anyone else having an issue where you log on to a server and AVG displays a message that AVG protection has expired even though the license is valid?  I was curious if it is just me.

From working with support, I have found that running a verify install corrects the issue, but I have found it on 3 servers so far and it has become a concern that AVG is being incorrectly on servers.  Also, it doesn't appear to generate an alert about AVG being disabled, so I fear it could happen and I am not made aware of it until someone logs on the console and finds the error.

I have been working with support on it, but I wondered if anyone else has seen this and knows of a correction.

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  • Bump- this is happening here too

  • I am having this same problem AGAIN.  I have made yet another ticket for it (CS169564).  The endpoints warn that AVG will expire in 9 days, but the VSA reports it expires in Jaunary 2014.

    This is pretty frustrating, I have opened tickets for this same problem at least 3 times over the last few years. Is there any way this can be resolved permanently?


  • Can anyone from Kaseya help with this problem?  Since I opened the support ticket, I have asked for an update twice and still not received a response.

  • happened to two servers here, made ticket to kaseya, fixed one, uninstalled other avg, scheduled it to install tonight, see what happens.

  • Which Kaseya version are you folks using - 6.3 or 6.5?