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License count decreasing in KES

  • Hello all!!!.


    there is a weird issue coming to me..


    I just re-installe dthe KES on one machine after removing it mannaully..

    I installed it two times as in first attemot ui failed but my license count dearesed by 2.

    any way to confirm it in logs that it has exactly happened due to installations??

  • Yogesh,

    Check your "Pending Installs" count, most likely there is at least one, possibly more licenses held in that state from the failed installation.  Additionally, if the endpoint previously had KES installed and you manually uninstalled AVG, it will take some time for that license to be returned as a partial (24-48 hours, generally) and will on occasion reset that license to "Other", and will need to be manually reclaimed.  

    Go to Security -> Install / Remove, and hover your mouse over "License Counts" in the header.  This will give you the breakdown of your current licenses, showing the number of licenses in "Pending Install", "Expired", "Other", etc.  If there are any in either pending install and you have no installations still pending or any in "Other", submit a ticket with the license count numbers, and support can reclaim those licenses.



    Kaseya Support