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  • When using Symantec, you have the ability to lock the settings you desire. Normally, I would lock everything but allow the use to disable the AV (and then it would auto restart after 20 minutes) so that they could install software. I also allowed them to run a scan.

    With KES, it appears that it is a all or nothing venture. If nothing, then they can't even execute a scan on their own. That is a issue. If it all, then they can edit all the settings and they are not reverted until reboot which could be for days.

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  • While it appears that way, its not quite as bad... Smile

    We'll overwrite the settings we manage each time we run a scan, perform an update, check the component state, etc. There are some settings that the user can manage on their own. In future versions, we'll actually have the locking in place (we are awaiting API from AVG to support this).

    If you choose to not show the AVG UI, end users can still run explorer scans (right click on a folder, click "scan")


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  • Thanks for the response Jeff.

    Most of our users are remote laptop users and many of them don't reboot often as they just go into standby.

    Can you provide me a schedule of how often a update and check of component state is done?

    By the way, I initiated a manual update from Kaseya Admin after disabling the Resident Shield on my laptop. The update was completed (although none available) but the Resident Shield is still disabled.

    The main things that I want the user to be able to do is:
    1. See that AVG is running and therefore the Icon is needed in the tray.
    2. Be able to run a full system scan on demand.
    3. Be able to initiate a update.

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