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Outlook slow with AVG mail scanner enabled

  • I have a few users at a client site with large mailboxes (6+gig). When the AVG mail scanner is set to scan incoming messages, they get pop up ballons a few times a day stating that Outlook is trying to connect to the Exchange server, as if the server is off line. With the email scanner disabled, this ceases to happen. Is this a known issue, and are there any tweak for AVG/Outlook performance?


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  • Haven't seen this ourselves, but we're just starting to roll out KES. The largest mailboxes I've seen KES on is around 2GB and it hasn't had any problems.

    Are these people local to the Exchange server? Or are they setup to use RPC/HTTPS or VPN? Might be easier to tell them to clean their damn mailboxes than it will be to track down the problem. Smile

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