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A bit of bugs in KES Licensing

  • We had some problems with installing KES last night due to the packages downloading very slowly.

    In KES Install it still showed as install pending and while an install is pending you are not able to remote a machine or run any other scripts even if you kill the KES install script. You have to cancel the KES Install from the KES Install screen.

    However, when I did this the licenses were not returned, and when I triggered the install to run again, it used yet another licenses.

    So now the system shows I'm using more licenses than I actually have installed. I'll log a ticket with support to get the licenses fixed after I finish some of these installs, but I'd suggest people keep a close eye on when licenses are being used.

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  • This is a known bug in KES 2.0 that gets fixed up with KES 2.01 (automatically).

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