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AVG 2011

  • Evening All,

    Any word on when we will have access to AVG 2011 through Kaseya?



  • Sorry if this has already been answered in a prior thread. Any news or timeline as to when kav will be released. We are using kes currently but have so many work arounds for the numerous problems it's becoming too much of a headache. Thanks.

  • To clarify, KES (AVG) & KAV (Kaspersky) are two distinct products.  KAV is not a replacement for KES and Kaseya will continue to support KES, at least for the foreseeable future (this is technology stuff changes).  In other words Kaseya is NOT dropping support for KES any time soon.   You will have the option to use either KES,  KAV or both.  Both the KES & KAV modules can be installed on the same Kaseya Server.  From there you can decide which AV product to deploy to your customers.

  • I wonder if KES will continue to be upgraded alongside KAV (AVG2011 for example)?  Has anyone heard anything about this?

  • I would expect it to be maintenance only, rather than product upgrades once KAV is released. So whilst there is no burning rush to move from KES I wouldnt expect K to provide product upgardes to KES.

  • I am very excited to here that you will be implementing Kaspersky. I have found that AVG fails to keep viruses off of machines and alsp fails to detect current and new viruses. I have seen this with AVG on client machines as well as my own. It would be nice to see KES offer Super Anti Spyware as a virus scan solution. I have used it and it has found and removed viruses that MalwareBytes, Spybot nor AVG could detect and/or remove. Although I have not had experience with Kaspersky, I am told it is just as good as SAS. I will be installing it on a test machine to see what/how it performs on virus block/detection and removal. I will post my findings along the way. Please feel free to add your comments to my post.

  • We have the AVG 2011 upgrade on the roadmap, but are focusing on KAV currently which allows the AVG product to mature in the marketplace (i.e. less bugs).


  • I am also excited about Malwarebytes, its a great product and its the full version as apposed to the the free one.

    Honestly I have not had many issues with AVG(other than it stopping information stores) however we use other gateway anti-virus as well. I think Kaspersky has a much better branding and also reputation than AVG however so if I had to pick I would Kaspersky as client renewals come up.

    Obviously I would give it a while for Kaseya to iron out their bugs with its intergration.

  • Hhmmm... I have noticed some of our KES clients are reporting AVG V10 is installed. Ever hopeful, I re-ran setup on my PC and it's still V9. Just rolled out KES to 2 new machines today and they're also V9.

    Jeff can you shed some light on what might be happening with those V10 machines?



  • I think Version 10 is AVG 2011 free edition...Kaseya will pick it up, but detect them at version 10...

  • Version 10 (as reported in KES) is in fact AVG 2011.  While KES will find them and appear to manage, none of the interactivity is available (schedule scans, updates, etc) from KES to the AVG 2011 installation.


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  • Any update on an updated KES/AVG?

  • There won't be an updated AVG...they are moving to Kaspersky...AVG is now maintenance mode only..least for this year I suspect