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MS Exchange KES Anti-Spam Solutions

  • i was wondering what others are using as a viable anti-spam solution with KES?

    i've found that AVG's exchange components are less than ideal for spam prevention.

    we have been using Forefront Protection for Exchange 2010 lately...and it works pretty well..but it seems to have some nasty compatibility issues with KES...i've found that even if you modify the KES install to not include any server components....it still breaks forefront's VSAPI integration....and quite often has caused forefront to crash which brings down the entire exchange server until forefront is reinstalled...i'd love to hear from anyone that knows a workaround for this...so far we have simply been uninstalling KES on exchange servers.


  • We use an untangle appliance that filters all email coming and going

  • We filter before mail hits the server with ForeFront (FOPE) onboard we use Symantec...

  • I am about to install a Linux firewall using Spamassassin and ClamAV to pre-filter email before Exchange.  Heterogeneity is good for these situations...