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General Archiving Question

  • Greetings Community.

    I'm working for a company that has Kaseya version 2008 (SP1) - install. I had to go through the complete ticket system and move all the closed tickets to the archive. The SQL database is around 2.8 gig in size and I figure I could cut that in half by archiving the tickets. When I archived the first ticket there was a dialog box that explained that the archived tickets were going to be stored in a different table within SQL.

    I noticed there is a @archive folder under UserProfiles on the server, that is configure via the System Tab. It was my assumption that when I archived a ticket it was to be processed into this folder.

    Under the System Tab -> Server Management -> Configure, I have setting "Archive and purge logs every day @ 4 am"

    So why is KES using the SQL database to store tickets, versus the provided directory ?

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem ( note: I have searched the old forum and new forum and this does seem to be irregular)

    Thank you in advanced.

    Wil from Shift-IT

  • The archiving under Server Management -> Configure has nothing to do with tickets.   This feature only controls what happens to alarm and event logs base dupon their settings in Agents -> Event History.

    Once archived you cannot access this data from within Kaseya

    Tickets when archived are simply moved to another table in SQL so that they can be recovered later but allow for you to put them somewhere else so they reduce how much search on tickets you need to do.  eg. we archived closed tickets every month after creating our customer reports.

  • Here we are in 2017 - and my server keeps filling up with folders in @Archive.  Is there a way to stop this function from occuring?  I just removed 20GB worth of junk files.