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6.5 upgrade BROKE KES licensing module - Kaseya support/management is clueless

  • I have had an open ticket with Kaseya for 8 days now. The problem

    1. Since 6.5 upgrade, I have been unable to deploy any new KES to clients.

    KES module under "installations" says no licensee's available. (while trying to deploy)
    System-Licensee manager says we have 40 available.

    Techs could not figure it out - they sent ticket back to Florida.

    Discussed with Accounting and Our REP (several times) They acknowledge the issue.

    There fix to me- "They do not know what to do" and are working on it and lots of apologizing - Still no fix however.

    Image that!!  I now tell my clients "no security for you"  -

    What would you do? - We are temporarily running MSE - of coarse no reporting - lots of manual work.

    Is it really possible that they do not have the technical staff to figure this out anymore?


  • hi

    Can you please let me know the ticket number you submitted and I will chase it ?