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Your AVG licenses will not auto-renew if you have not upgraded them to AVG 2012, so your machines will become unprotected

  • FYI, it looks like the installation scheduler also defaults to 2013, that bit me the first few times I ran an uninstall and it it rebooted the endpoint without prompting.

    Kaseya, any update on the license issue?

  • It's odd because I'm pretty sure the new installs should all be AVG 2012 anyway. I scheduled an upgrade and the machine has a new install date, but shows AVG9. I have this issue on many Windows 7 machines, so it's not a compatibility issue. We live and die by these consoles and major issues like this make our jobs virtually impossible.

  • Found another expired AVG install today. Looks like another virus that we now get to deal with because of this issue.

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  • Dan,  just so I can check my systems, how did this problem appear on yours?  Is the license listed as valid in KES, but when you login to the server, AVG reports that it's not licensed?

    Have you tried running the connect client (formerly verify install) option on the affected endpoints?  I have found that corrects similar problems with invalid licenses.

    If all else fails, maybe someone from Kaseya can provide and give you the OK to manually enter the registration key that KES uses into the AVG interface so that your systems are protected.  Kaseya Support has provided me that that in the past for manual AVG installations.

    It's disappointing that I have seen a response from Kaseya support in this thread, nor have I had a response to my ticket I opened 6 days ago.

  • Basically I am told a machine has a virus or that AVG is expired on it. All endpoints are set to auto-renew in Kaseya for us. Every single one of them. The one today was basically "hey this machine is acting weird, can you make sure avg auto-updates are disabled?" (another stupid bug that I have dealt with on my own)

    The twist in today's story is that AVG updates were not running because when I tried to open AVGUI on the endpoint, it was expired. The machine is infected with a virus. Now we have a client site that is down with infections.

    The problem isn't how to re-issue a license. The problem is the auto-renew feature of KES should schedule a Connect Client (system procedure) to execute one year after the data that is captured for InstallDate of AVG. I would think that this is how they have it setup, but apparently not. I can run a connect client and fix the endpoint, but that's being reactive. It's already infected. I also have no way of telling how many machines have expired licenses because in Kaseya, it says all are set to auto-renew and of course, they show as protected.

  • So now I get to explain to my employer that despite my hard work ensuring over 95% client machines are protected, the endpoints often expire on their own. This is a huge issue for our entire company. We rely on Kaseya for certain things and when it doesn't do what is promised, it's my problem. This is one instance where I can't fix the issue myself. Now our clients think we suck and even my Systems team must think I suck. I'm only as good as the product I am given. The fact that no one from Kaseya even cares just goes to show you that we are often on our own. It's easier to neglect an issue than it is to man up and fix it.

  • I would really love to see an official reply from K support on this.

    I fully admit that upgrading from AVG9 to 2012 on the servers should have been a higher priority for me. But in my defense, we waited a REALLY LONG time for that upgrade to be finally available (remember that forum thread?). I got tired of waiting after so much time, and also got tired of the ongoing issues with KES, and I decided to migrate away from KES and switch to a separate AV solution. We have migrated all of our workstations to that solution, but have held off on the servers, so far. It never crossed my mind that the KES/AVG license renewals/extends would fail if we didn't upgrade to AVG2012.

    I would really like to hear something official from K support on this thread, so that I can make an educated decision on my action plan. Will KES/AVG licenses extend, if the machine is running AVG9?


  • The last ticket update I received was a week ago and no one has worked with me to look into the issue.

  • Dan,  Are you running 6.3 or 6.5? I noticed there is another post about KES licensing broken after the 6.5 update.

  • 6.3 still....which I guess is no longer supported lol blah I need some friends @ Kaseya

  • AVG 9 is not supported by Kaseya. You must upgrade to 2012 for the license renew feature to work. Any instances of AVG 9 will more than likely expire and leave your machines unprotected. I wasn't aware of this, so just letting you guys know!

  • In light of that news, I decided to start updated the few remaining endpoints that I still have on AVG 9.  It's the first time I have done so since my 6.5 upgrade. After I click Upgrade, nothing happens.  I have opened a support ticket...

  • that's the other joy of this fun project. I've noticed that the upgrade will put a green check on the PC in security saying that avg is installed, but there will be no sign of it on the PC. I've then ran a connect client and then it actually installs the 2012. I really don't know why it works like this, but just something I found out while upgrading a few of my critical servers. There's no way I can babysit thousands like this. Makes me a feel a little better knowing you have the same issue ;)

  • In your experience does the connect client reboot the server?  I remember that the upgrade will sometimes, unpredictably, reboot without prompt.

  • http://i.imgur.com/Ft0Hf2F.jpg

    Here ya go...i Had to use event viewer on the server to find the reboot time and the kes installed time is from where KES shows the time 2012 installed. The reboot isn't even listed in the steps from the upgrade. Sorry for the first grade handwriting...unfortunately the snipping tool doesn't have a text entry option and I don't feel like MS painting today. :) I started the process at 9:26 AM...so yea i can't tell you why this list is as confusing as it is.

    edit-and yes it is my understanding that it has to reboot to install a new AVG. a lot of anti-viruses require reboots to complete uninstalls.

    had to answer the man's question
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