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Windows 2012 - Exchange 2013 - KES compatible?

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According to the documentation on the AVG website Windows 2012 is not supported.
according from what I've read on the forums AVG can be installed and runs on Windows 2012.

Does anyone have any experience with Exchange 2013? Do the AVG mail components work with Exchange 2013?
Is there any news on a KES update which does support Win 2012 and Exchange 2013?

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  • Looks like no one is using Exchange 2013 yet?

  • We decided to download and install AVG 2013. To bad this can not be managed in KES but at least we got some kind of protection.

    I noticed AVG 2014 is already available for pc's, I wonder when Kaseya will upgrade their KES (AVG2012) to the latest version. It's not even mentioned on the roadmap.

    I wonder how long it's gonna take before we get updated to the latest version again.......

  • Don't hold your breath. Kaseya is pretty terrible at releasing updated AV engines for their modules. There is no good excuse for it in my opinion.