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KES scan failures after 2 seconds. ErrorRegistryScan

  • I just wanted to update everyone on this post:

    AVG has acknowledged this is an issue within their product.  They have communicated that the scans are functioning and finishing as designed, however the status reported is incorrect.

    We expect a fix from AVG by the end of the month or as soon as next week.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


    Kaseya Support

  • Thank you for the update, Oscar.

    I have noticed that on KES 2.3 that AVG does report that it completes the scan. However, it does not report a scan completion in KES 2.2. Is what your mentioning only apply to 2.3 or does it apply to both?

  • I have noticed that on both KES 2.2 and 2.3, AVG 9 will still fail out the scan:

    5:53:17 PM 17-May-13 FullScanCancelled 1001

    5:53:17 PM 17-May-13 ErrorRegistryScan

    5:53:14 PM 17-May-13 FullScanStarted 1001

    This is a different result that what the OP is getting, which based on the logs I can presume that they are running AVG 2012 on KES 2.3.

  • Kaseya Support,

    Just touching base, has there been any update on this issue?


  • Hello,

    Thank you for keeping in touch with us - AVG has released the fix for this issue:

    "The update has been already released. If the issue still occurs, check version of file "C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG2012\avgcorex.dll". It should be This version contains the fix."


    Kaseya Suport

  • Is this applicable to AVG 9 or just 2012?

  • I have AVG 2012 (KES 2.3).   Writing to confirm that the hotfix ressolved this issue.

  • It appears to have resolved the issue in AVG 9, so I presume 2012 is included as well.

  • I have spot checked a number of my systems and it appears this issue has been resolved.