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AVG 10/2011/2012/2013 removal

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Is anyone else having a hard time removing all these other versions of AVG via agent procedure? I am not going to run the AVG Removal tool manually at over 200 machines so if anyone has the solution, please enlighten me.  Thanks!

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  • Alex,

    Here's what I did.  I had over 600 systems at one client location to do this on.

    I downloaded the AVG Remover utilities (32 and 64 bit) and put it out on my Kaseya server.  I then wrote an agent procedure that tested to see which version was installed, based on that upload the correct AVG remover utility and then had it run the remover from a command line using the impress

    Swtiches I used were /silent /norestart /deletedirforcedhard.

    I had a one script that had a reboot at the end and another that didn't for use when I couldn't reboot the system right then.

    You could also just remove the /norestart switch and it should reboot the endpoint automatically.

    You could add in steps to remove the remover utility and to kick off a latest audit routine.


  • was the 32 or 64-bit version based solely on the operating system or on the application itself? if on the app, how did you tell which version of the app?

  • also, did you run as logged on user or as system user?

  • Alex,

    Looks like I based it on the OS, which I'm not sure even mattered.  I believe that both versions of the removal utility worked to remove all versions of AVG.  The systems I would have removed AVG 9 from would have been Windows 7 64-bit systems but had the old version of KES (AVG 9) installed on them.

    I used the impersonate user option specifying an admin user and then selected run as logged on user when executing the remover executable.