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KES 2.2 = Reporting deleted from Executive Summary

  • Just an FYI... if you upgrade to KES 2.2, the Executive Summary report has had the Security section deleted (confirmed by Kaseya Support, ticket Normal 0 false false false EN-AU ZH-TW X-NONE CS093498).

    I'm not really happy about this - it's a critical report parameter for our clients. I've requsted it be re added-in, but i'm really preplexed that it was removed to begin with - why on earth would anyone remove a perfectly working function?

    I'm guessing this has happened due to the previous push to dump KES for KAV. Now that strategy has been re-thought and KES has a future, I should expect reporting to once again support KES, yeah?


  • Really?

    @Kaseya - is this true?

    If it is, then what is going on with KES?  I've already told my boss that there's no way we can continue with KES or KAV, so we are moving to Symantec Endpoint Protection.  It's even got a basic hook in to K 6.2 (clients have to be on SEP 12 though).

    The Kaseya user forum complains about the lack of functionality (excluding single files) and that the AV engine is 2 major versions out of date and in your next release you decide to remove reporting?  How does that make sense?

  • @chart71,

    So I just checked our kserver, and we are running v2.1.44470.72.  Are you saying that you were on v2.1, and upgraded to v2.2, and after the upgrade, the Security section no longer appears on the Exec Summary report?


  • No, this is a new install. VSA 6.2 and KES 2.2 on a new box. Previously, on a different K server, was VSA 6.2 and KES 2.1, which is how I know the reports used to exist.

    This is what spport ultimately had to say:

    "The security report is now obsolete with the new report center use of RDLs. The report was broken out into 3 reports in KES 2.2. Since the security report was removed, the option had to be removed from the executive summary report. Unfortunately - this option will not be returned in 6.2, however, our next version (6.3) will have the options to report on all KES data of your choice."

    As usual, 'wait for the new version, it will be great etc. etc.'. Promises promises.......

  • Wow, this is disappointing.  I was planning to upgrade from KES 2.1 to KES 2.2, but considering this, I may hold off.  I opened a support ticket to check if an upgrade results in the same issue.

    Reviewing the release notes, the benefits are that license counts are clarified, the module can be deployed in SaaS and there have been some improvements to archiving of logs.  That doesn't seem worth losing an important part of my executive summary.  

  • We upgraded to KES 2.2 last night and I can still see Endpoint Security stuff when running an Executive Summary Report with Show Security status checked. I hope this doesn't disappear on us now.

    I opened a ticket the other day with Kaseya because the numbers for Active Threats and Threats in Vault do not correspond with the numbers I see from within the KES module (with the same view). They told me "Unfortunately this is a known issue and has been passed as a feature request by other customers as well. Our development team is working to resolve this issue at this time." So if you did lose the report, don't freak out. My information isn't even accurate. For example, 4 active threats in KES as opposed to 667 in the report. Not something I'd want to update management with...

    Additionally, whenever I run a Security report, I cannot run it for a particular machine group or view. It pulls data from everything we have, every time.

    I think we need a reboot or something because Kaseya and Security are terribly slow today :<

  • I did lose one of my main KES profiles from updating, but I put in a ticket and a tech fixed it for me within an hour. Kudos to Oscar, that was the fastest resolution I've ever had with Kaseya. Our slowness went away, so do not hesitate to apply this update. Looking forward to AVG 2012...I am seeing a lot of Trojans lately. Java always gets infected!

  • @chart71: I'm reopening this ticket, as your server is showing different behavior from what we would expect, and I believe there was some confusion about the executive summary report vs. the Security -> Security report at the time this ticket was being worked on.  

    The Executive Summary report in KES 2.2 should in fact still contain the "Show Security Status" options.  We have seen occasionally where the numbers may be incorrect, and are working on a hotfix to address the data issues, but the option should always be available.



    Kaseya Senior Support Specialist

  • Travis,

    So to be clear... with an existign Kaseya v6.1 server, with KES 2.1 already installed.... if you installed the upgrade for KES 2.2, the section titled "Endpoint Security Last 30 Days" will still appear in the Executive Summary Report?

    As an example, here is the data from one Executive Summary Report for the month of April.

    Endpoint Security Last 30 Days

    Total threats detected  16

    Current Active Threats  0

    Current Threats in Vaults  11

    Threats Resolved  5

    Scans Completed  1043

    Updates Performed  9829

    Machines with KES installed  47


  • It will still appear, but those figures will be wrong. I had a ticket for this and the tech told me to hide it from the report until a hotfix is released that corrects the numbers displayed on the report.

    The 2.2 update released made Security Reports work for selected groups instead of pulling data for everything like it was doing. The Security reports are still ugly though, so there is no clean report for reporting Security statuses other than looking in the KES module and writing those figures down.

  • The hotfix to correctly count the Scans Completed and Updates Performed should be released to QA in the next few days.  In the mean time, the threats detected, active threats, threats in vaults, threats resolved, and machines with kes installed should be reporting back properly in the executive summary report.



  • CS098404

    I had a ticket for this and they said my numbers will be off in the Executive Summary report until the Hotfix is released. All of my KES numbers are off in the report, not just the scans completed & updates performed. I currently have 4 current threats in KES as opposed to 1213 on the report...can you look at my ticket if this can be addressed?

  • The threat numbers may have been resolved through an unrelated fix that was released 4/4.  Make sure you have all hotfixes applied, and check the threat numbers reported in the Executive Summary.



    Kaseya Support

  • Thanks Travis for the proactive follow-up. My Executive Summary reports now show the KES data, as described. Great!

  • Update: I just noticed that Travis addressed this issue on April 9.

    Travis: Any ETA on the hotfix?


    I updated to KES 2.2 last night the executive summary report still appears, but I noticed that the scans completed count does not update.  I have also noticed that the KES logs do not report the scheduled scan information.  I assume this is the same issue in both cases.  I have opened a ticket and been promised a hotfix by support.

    I just wanted to check, does everyone else see the same issue?

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