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AVG 2012 Release

  • I changed the upgrade to prompt at install, so that worked and it rebooted after uninstalling, but now KES reports that the installed failed and PC now has no anti-virus installed. I am trying to install from KServer now, to see if that gives me AVG 2012. I had issues in 6.2 with uninstalling from KES and then installing again, so hopefully those are gone, but it doesn't look like it. I can't exactly do migrations 1 at a time.

  • Additionally, KES install from local file source is not working. I tried updating the agent on both server and workstation. Is there a known fix for this? Do I need to wipe out the KES folder on the server?

    I did get AVG 2012 to install on my PC, but that was after the upgrade failed and I set it to install from KServer once KES reported the failure. It didn't go as smooth as I hoped...so now we need to schedule uninstall/reboots of servers and then schedule installs once those finish?

  • Probably best to open a support ticket on this. I had no problems with the file share

    It deleted my old KES install files and downloaded the new ones. Run the patch test and make sure the computer has access to that folder. Also run a set credentials test.

  • I have a ticket open. I'm now seeing machines that show as having no KES installed, but I find an AVG folder in Program Files. So now I will need to click Connect Client on every PC before I choose install, because it may have AVG already. This wasn't really an issue before.

    Either way, I thought integrating KES and KAM into Policy Management meant that we'd be able automate installs and scheduling of scans and updates.

    We assign profiles for both when installing it anyway, so this does nothing for us. There is still no way to automatically push/manage anti-virus installs.

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