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Restore to Virtual Machine Script

  • Heres an idea,

    Hows about we create a script that we can run manually to restore an Image to Virtual Server or VMWare Server??


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  • This would involve scripting acros 3 API's, the kaseya, Vmware and Acronis.....Interesting thought, the commands are easy to script in VI3 to mount a CD, boot it and even create the VM based on text input from a file, however the problem may occur in the final stages of restoration.

    Perhhaps use the individual restore CD for each machine that can be created and modify it's scripts to turn on a Universal Restore option?

    Frankly on our sites running VI3 or even free virtualisation software i can remote in and restore a 20GB server in under 30 mins anyway as we keep DR templates of physical hosts on the VM sites. So it's log in, boot the target vm, browse to the image, restore, reboot install vmware tools/xen tools and voila!!! We even keep the machines with 2 cdroms mounted so the vmware tools (or xen tools) are available during bootup when the OS scans for drivers.

    Will try booting one of the vm's with the custom ISO that Kaseya generates for a per machine restore and let you know...

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  • Hi Bruce,

    Any news on this?

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