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  • HI,

    I wanted to get some feedback on the offisite replication ohter members are using. With my backups geting VERY large, I started replicating off-SIte only individual files. I point to one directory where the root data folder is and replicate that fodler off-site. Is there are reason why other member are Physically picking up large Full backup tib files and then incrementally backing up 1 month or 2 months? Since most of the data is never changing and is already transferred it works very well for me.

    To send Exchange and SQL data off-site all I am doing is sending SQL Backups in that data folder and Exch backus in the data folder using ntbackup. I do maintain Local Acronis Bakcups on NAS as well. The only problem I run into is if the data is spread across multiple partitions. For this I am using DFS and centralizing all shares fromt he same server under one root and it works well. I would like to know if anyone else was using this method and stopped using it. If so why. I am getting FULL daily backups every night for our clients and do nto have to pick up any backups from the client sites.

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  • I do a few off-site backups. Basically, I have 2 backup routines, 1 for a local image backup to a NAS drive and the both for folder backups to a NAS drive. I backup the folder backups to my off-site server at my location. This allows me to have an image backup available at the client's location, but also keep the critical data off-site in case of disaster at the client's location.

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