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Verification failures

  • Hello,

    I have various machines among my clients (servers, usually) that fail backup verifications. Usually a reboot or a new full backup solves the issue.

    Anyone have a list of reasons and solutions to why this might happen? Generally, if I manually verify the backup in Acronis, they verify successfully.



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  • Hi Dave,

    sorry - no answer...but we have the same problem (with just a few machines)

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  • I am seeing an issue with one server getting failed Verifies on a Synthetic Backup, Diff backups, and now last night I did a Full backup and it did the same thing.

    Looking at the log information I see a who lot of information, but nothing that tells me really why. The only part that seems to point to a possible reason is:

    [INDENT]Operation with partition "0-0" was terminated. Details: Read error (0x70003) Tag = 0x9365D74A375E415E Error reading the file. (0x40001) function = "ReadFile" Tag = 0x7CEB2CDC9FB12027 Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service (0xFFF0) code = 800705AA) Tag = 0xBD28FDBD64EDB8AF[/INDENT]

    This makes me believe that it is resource issue, but nothing has changed since the last full when it completed just fine.

    I have also browsed the backup TIB file and everything looks fine, although I don't know if there could still be corruption in there somwhere.

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