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  • Hi all,

    I know there is another thread listed here in the forums for this but as I am not familar with the amazon service it did not make much sense to me.

    I am wondering how we could link up our BUDR to the amazon service.

    We have local boxes on each site that the clients servers backup to and I would like to offsite them to the amazon cloud for offsite backups, or alternatively have an offsite server in our office and then offsite that whole server to the cloud for double backup.

    Does anybody know how you would go about this?

    Again I know nothing about the amazon service just been requested to investigate.


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  • Cheapest way would be to get an S3 account and just mount it as a drive, replicate to the drive.

    Better solution would be to get an EC2 server in place and set it as the replication server, though this is a bit more expensive. (Install the agent to the EC2 instance, set it as the replication server.)


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  • Dave, in the case of your setup, can you spool up that as a replacement server if theirs goes down?

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