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Offsite Replication has stopped working.

  • My KBUDR setup has been working fine for the past month or so.

    Backing up a Win2003 server & a WinXPSP3 workstation to their own invididual USB HDD's then the offsite replication pushes it to my offsite machine and stores it on a QNAP iSCSI drive. Or at least it was. Since this past weekend the offsite replication has stopped working. The local backup portion is still working like a champ, but now I've got 3300+ files waiting to sync.

    I checked my offsite machine and the QNAP. Both are functioning. The QNAP device has plenty of room left on the drives.

    The status indicator on all of the in Kaseya shows all green. I've went ahead and clicked on the restart of the servers in the K console for the service to let it reestablish. Show active, but no love.

    Verified that the transfer schedule is still in parameters and that it hasn't changed. It should be pushing them all day long.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • If you have a router like untangle or something that will show you some of the packets coming through the firewall, I'd look for the port that you specify for offsite and see if anything is moving.

    Also on the local server and offsite server, run a netstat -n and you should see wether the connection is established between the localmachines and offsite machine.

    I've never been able to find anything useful in Kaseya to be able to monitor the offsite transfer.

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  • Kaseya's indicators show that the local servers see the offsite server. The logs on the local server indicate that it is running. I think I may have discovered the issue in that the offsite server logs for the korepsrv.exe file is trying to use port 5722 for some reason even though the port it SHOULD be using is 9999.

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