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Full running instead of Synthetic Full

  • I noticed a couple times that some of my servers seem to run a Volume Full backup occasionally instead of a Synthetic. I may simply be misunderstanding how the process works but shouldn't it always run a Synthetic after the initial seeding?

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  • synthetic is a feature of many failures.

    We have almost given up that it works - we have the opposite issue we get failed synthetics and it never does a full.

    A good idea in theory but reality a pain in the A%%

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  • I've had a ticket open for 6 weeks now regarding Synthetic Backups, and still no resolution.

    Backup fails with error:

    Could not delete the following backup sets as they are needed to complete synthetic full backups on the offsite server:

    Volume Synthetic Full Warning
    This machine does not have enough local hard drive space to copy backups sets for a synthetic full backup. As such, synthetic full backups will be performed over the network, which may decrease reliability.

    Plenty of disk space on source and destination servers. Tried Direct Network Acess as well as Local Copy First.
    always error Sad

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  • I think that when it is saying there is insufficient disk space to do the synthetic, it is talking about the c: drive on the local computer. It will try to copy the backups to this location by default and re-arrane the backup file.

    If the C: drive does not have enough space it will try to do it on the backup drive. The problem I've seen is that we are simply talking about a huge amount of data. If you had a 500 GB drive with 200 GB free and 300 GB in backup, that may not be enough to do the synthetic because it has to rebuild a large portion of that 300 GB in a new file before it can delete and of the old files.

    When it fails, it removes the files that it was trying to create, so you get an error saying not enough space but it appears that you still have 200 GB free.

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  • So every machine that you're backing up needs at least 50-60% free space on the C: for synthetic fulls to work? That is highly impractical, I'm sure our customers would just love having to double all their hard disk space...

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  • Was this issue introduced in BUDR v3.1?

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  • My original issue for this was cleared up. It was simply a misunderstanding of how BUDR works. We were forced to change the image location the day after the initial full backup that I was referring to, and when you change ANYTHING BUDR will automatically request a full backup the next time around regardless of anything. I was under the impression that since the full and all the incrementals were there it would do a synthetic.

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  • I've been burnt by this in the past, too. It's really ridiculous, as the content of all files needed to rebuild the full synthetically is valid.

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  • We have been using BUDR since Nov 2009 and we have had nothing but 1 issue after another. Synthetic fulls fail to run on the offsite server is our biggest issue. When the synthetic fulls fail it then sends the full backup to the offsite server. This is a huge issue due to the fact that it will takes days to move the full offsite.

    When this occurs we have uninstalled and reinstalled BUDR. We re-seed the full at the data center. We usually get at least one synthetic to run successfullly. But, eventually it fails and we start the whole process all over again.

    We are now testing other offsite solutions and plan to dump BUDR. We are testing with Datto now and they seem to have a good product and great support.


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