In case someone hasn't seen this before, I just opened a ticket on it. In case you have seen it, maybe we can cry in our collective beer.

In the past couple days, we suddenly have a folder on a couple of our larger BUDR systems called "oldTibs". This appears to contain an entire backup set for an agent. I don't know why this folder was created and why it's holding updated backup sets, but it's being backed up along with the rest of the volume(s) on the machine. This had the wonderful effect of making a couple incrementals 3x larger than a full for these agents. To add insult to injury, those machines are being replicated offsite...Eek

Let's just say that's not working so well. Of course, we've changed nothing...something Kaseya did is causing this to happen. Just so we're clear, we're not only getting a product that DOESN'T work as advertised...we're getting a product that randomly creates NEW problems all on it's own.

As usual, I thought Kaseya was supposed to "reduce" our workload? Mad

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