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Lots of issues and support woes

  • ok, we've been using Kaseya for 4 years and use the snot out of it with scripting and alerts more than others here probably do (no offense). We have seen in the last few months TONS of issues with backups and alerts (found another bug with alarms and backup failures that won't be fixed for a little bit). Has anyone else seen a high amount of failure issues with BUDR?

    Second, getting support for this has been horrible. Evidenly it is Acronis issues with SNAP-API but they are horrible at resolution. Basically, we have ZERO faith in our backups and alerts now and quite frankly freaked out.

    Anyone else have similar issues?

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  • A little background: I always backup partitions, never disks, never folders. I always use VSS and verify. We almost never have failures.
    But... Is "not having failues" a good or bad thing? Well.......
    That question is hard to answer as I'm sure you've found out. Smile
    Here's my experience.

    We had an issue with the backups where one of the partitions was being backed up, but one was not. Kaseya did not alert us to any failures.

    Kaseya Support blamed Acronis right away. I have good reasons to doubt Acronis' guilt in this instance. Anyway, the backup scripts ran every day for a few months on this server without any reported failures. But, in fact, NO BACKUP was ever done of that particular partition. No .tib file was ever created. It appeared to me, looking through logs, xml files and SQL tables that Kaseya was not actually commanding Acronis to backup that partition. But - whatever actually happened - there was no log (and hence no error) being generated by Acronis for this partition.

    Kaseya should have been programmed to alert on that fact. It did not alert. There was no visual indication of a failure except, for instance, if you were to try to mount a backup set using Kaseya: there were no sets to mount for that particular drive letter.

    After that situation, I manually verified that backups were being generated for each and every selected partition for every server that we manage.

    Of course - it makes you wonder - "What else is happening that I don't know about?"

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  • In general I have not been wowed by Kaseya's support. I think it has been the worst with my BUDR issues.

    When my issue got "escalated" to Acronis, because the Kaseya support couldn't handle it, they've essentially just become a middle man and one extra person in the chain to send emails to that shouldn't be needed.

    I'm currently testing a solution for my BUDR issue that I came up with on my own, which is the status quo. I think out of the 4 or 5 requests for support I've opened, Kaseya support has only "resolved" one of them (although technically I'm still having the issue -- it's just occurs more rarely), and then I had to escalate it to the big guy who got UK support to help me out since the US support wasn't accomplishing anything.

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  • I'm with you...multiple, unresolved BUDR tickets sitting out there for months and months on end. No one seems to care, either at Kaseya or Acronis. I'm abandoning BUDR as any kind of offsite solution, because it simply doesn't work as advertised. Local backups to over-qualified storage devices seems to work about 95% of the time. I don't even bother opening tickets on the occasional failures, because I know it won't get me anywhere other than frustrated.

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  • We had the same problem with backups reporting success (and even showing full/incremental sizes in the BUDR logs in Kaseya) but there actually were NO back files being created. I caught it only on a random (lucky me) check while I was in a particular system doing something else. I have little faith overall in BUDR actually 'being there for me' when I need it. I know others swear it has always worked for them but I've already been bitten once by a corrupted backup that reported 'success' in the logs (a simple XP workstation too BTW).

    I know it seems pointless sometimes to submit those 'occasional failure' tickets but IMO you really should. We all know these things happen sporadically often without any rhyme or reason. However, if we don't alert support to these issues each and every time they happen, we will likely never see any improvement in their process. It is my hope that by flooding them with all of the random BS things that go on in BUDR, maybe Kaseya will eventually pull the plug on that relationship. I can't believe that some other BUDR vendor wouldn't love to have the exposure they could get by partnering w/ Kaseya. I've had talks w/ some at Kaseya who imply it's Acronis' fault - they don't want to release the 'good stuff' (v10) to Kaseya yet - for reasons unclear, though one can suspect $ is probably a primary factor.

    Anyway, I would encourage you to keep the pressure on them when you have BUDR issues. It's the only chance we have of finally getting a working, reliable, repeatably-good product from Kaseya.

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  • We do not promote the BUDR for the simple fact of being unreliable. We only install on desktops, and given the confidence level of just desktop images (we do only partitions), I would not even consider BUDR for a server backup.

    We do have clients with Acronis True Image server running just fine with no problems. The Kaseya version thos seems to be a number of problems.

    We are hoping K2 will resolve many BUDR & VSA issues. Until we can test the K2 and have a level of confidence, we use I365 for remote backups.

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