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BUDR and 'check status' function of offsite replication

  • Hi..

    I have a 'backup target' machine which has a UNC share on it. BUDR backs up a local server to this share. This share is then offsite replicated. Kaseya never seems to update the status of the offsite replication unless I manually go to offsite replication-local servers and press the check status button.

    When you press the button the status updates on that screen OK after a few seconds, however returning to backup status screen still shows the old statistics(which now don't match the stats read on the check status screen) no matter how often refreshed.

    I have 8 sites setup identically - only one site exhibits the problem. The others work fine.

    Replication itself SEEMS to work OK (the check status screen shows replication suspending and active at the correct times) but i'm not sure as there is no way of seeing how many bytes are actually transferred in a given time frame.

    BUDR 3.1 - 9.7-8218 on the offsite server.

    Any ideas why check status isn't working, and also how to verify actual data is flowing between the local and offsite servers, and at what speed. It would be VERY useful to know how many megabytes per hour, day (or whatever) have transferred.

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  • <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
    <monitor_set_definition version="1.0">
    -<MonitorSet name="Offsite Replication Monitor" description='Watches bandwidth use of KORepCln'>
    <Counter name='KORepCln Read Bytes/Sec'  description='null' counterObject='Process'  counter='IO Read Bytes/sec'  counterInstance='KORepCln'  counterSampleInterval='15' collectionOperator='Over'  collectionThreshold='1' trendTimeSpan='1209600' trendReArm='3600' thresholdOperator='Under'  thresholdAmount='200' thresholdDuration='300' thresholdWarning='10' thresholdReArm='3600'/>

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