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Backups cause server network failure

  • Looking for input.

    Occassionally, a full backup of certain servers will cause the network card to become unresponsive. K agent reports system offline.

    However...the server isn't down. I can still access the console and show no system utilization to speak of. All errors in the logs reference communication errors with software with software using TCP ports.

    NETSTAT shows nothing...blank!

    A reboot of the server is the only thing we can do to correct the server.

    The problem follows Windows 2003 SP2 but that's about all the pattern I can find. I have even moved a physical server with this problem to virtual on different hardware and the problem followed....which leads me to believe it's not hardware.

    No switch errors.....no errors to indicate a problem in the log until after the failure occurs.

    Help? I have 2 clients and 3 internal servers currently that have this problem. I'm hoping there is a known hotfix or issue that will help but I can't find anything.

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  • Not sure if I can help you but here are a few things to try:

    If you are using the "Local Servers" option try limiting the bandwidth that the transfers can use.

    If you are not using the "Local Servers" option or if that doesn't work, you can resize the backups and make multiple files for the images. In the Max File Size menu set the backup size to either CD sized (600mb) or DVD sized (under 4GB should work). BU/DR will still create a full backup but instead of it being a single large image, it will just break up the backup into 600MB or whatever sized .tib files. I am fairly sure that this will work for you though.

    Aside from that I am not sure. Are these database servers? Exchange Servers? Are you running any Pre/Post scripts? Have you manually gone through the event logs? Are there any errors?

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  • We have been experincing a similar issue with a few of our servers intermittently after backups. In our cases, the servers gradually lose network connectivity until there is no response from ping or any of the "net use" commands.

    As in your case, we have to organise a onsite reboot and there are no dumps and no events to reference.

    I did lodge a support call with Kaseya and finally received a reply, where they asked me to install SnapAPISetup-343.msi on the servers with the issue. I installed it with the logging enabled.

    At this stage, there are no repeats but it is early days. In our case, we can go for weeks without this issue.

    Find the msi on this web site:


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  • Thanks guys.
    I have tried both, but as of this morning the problem happened again.

    What is the SnapAPISetup-343.msi program supposed to do and how/where do I go to access the logs?

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  • BUMP

    Did the SnapAPISetup-343 file fix your issues? I've been asked by Kaseya to do the same thing.

    Amazing that they have known about this issue for THIS long, and have STILL done nothing about it.

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