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Unable to find the archive index

  • Hello. Looking for a little help...
    I am running BUDR v3.0, hotfix level 370. Machines have agent v5.1.0.1 installed.
    I just installed BUDR on 3 brand new, identical, DELL Optiplex PCs. The machines have 2 physical drives - C and D. The purpose of the second D-drive is soley to store the images from the main C-drive.
    I ran a Full backup on each of these 3 machines.
    Two of the machines successfully completed the backup and verify operation. One machine shows the backup completed successfully, but the Verify failed. 
    Here is a copy & paste from the Backup Log page.
    Type Date Duration Size Result 
    Volume Verify  7:44:19 am 9-May-09    00:01:19  - Failed 
    Verify failed - verification failed. 
    Volume Full  7:42:31 am 9-May-09    00:02:02  4.01GB Success 
    Backup completed successfully - WARNING: Unable to find the archive index. Assuming archive index is the same as the file index. 
    The Result column on the Backup Set page shows Failed. When I click the link, it displayed the following XML information.
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
    - <log uuid="B4AACD41-8C50-4041-85C8-DF0157DCC4B0" product="Acronis True Image Echo Server" version="9.5" build="8173">
      <event id="1" level="2" module="1" code="1008" time="1241869240" message="<bold>Create Full Backup Archive</bold><endl/><tabpoint value=30><indent value=4>From: <indent value=10><textcolor value="navyblue">Disk 1</textcolor></indent><indent value=4><endl/>To file: <indent value=10><textcolor value="navyblue">"D:\wolftrack_BIDR\83861961713456396851047491\VolBackup\20090509 07.40.14\volBackup.tib"</textcolor></indent><indent value=4><endl/><textcolor value=0x00ff0000>Password protected</textcolor><endl/>Compression: <indent value=10><textcolor value="navyblue">Normal</textcolor></indent><indent value=4><endl/></indent>" /> 
      <event id="2" level="2" module="100" code="0" time="1241869241" message="Saturday, May 09, 2009 7:40:41 AM === Operation 1 of 3 == Creating partition image == Hard disk: 1 == Drive letter: - == Type: 0xDE (EISA configuration) == File system: FAT16 == Volume label: == Size: 94.10 MB ==" /> 
      <event id="3" level="2" module="100" code="0" time="1241869242" message="Saturday, May 09, 2009 7:40:42 AM === Operation 2 of 3 == Creating partition image == Hard disk: 1 == Drive letter: C: == File system: NTFS == Volume label: OS == Size: 148.9 GB ==" /> 
      <event id="4" level="2" module="100" code="0" time="1241869326" message="Saturday, May 09, 2009 7:42:06 AM === Operation 3 of 3 == Saving partition structure == Hard disk: 1 ==" /> 
      <event id="5" level="4" module="100" code="2" time="1241869326" message="Saturday, May 09, 2009 7:42:06 AM === Operation has succeeded." /> 
    I searched the Kaseya KB, and could not find any matches for "Unable to find the archive index"
    What does this error mean? What causes it? How to address it?

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  • Did you ever get an answer to this?

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  • Yes I did get an reply from K support. I can't find the exact response right now, but it was something lame like "this means archive index was unable to be read" - which is what the message says. So I don;t have any great info to relay.


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