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Multiple Backup Jobs for Same Device?

  • Is it possible to create multiple backup jobs (volume backups) for the same device (server)? We have a server with 4 drives (C: E: F: and G:) and about 1TB worth of data. I would like to be able to run a Full Volume backup on the C: and F: drives on Fri (incrementals Sat-Thu) and a Full Volume backup on E: and G: on Sat (incrementals Sun-Fri). I don't think this is possible but thought I'd ask. If not, the Full Volume backup is going to run for ~ 18 Hours (to NAS device).



  • I have not seen this option with BUDR, you have the option of Disks or specific drives, I was also hoping for the option to break up the backups in the same manner you refer to, however I think our only option is to use Symantec or some other 3rd party software to do that.  Just make sure if you do that you have only one version of BU software or else you will have problems

  • when you want to achieve this kind of schedules you'd better start acronis itself on the machine and create the schedules. That way this is possible. However it is not managed by kaseya, so you'd have to think a way to show the results of the backup. Acronis can for example write eventlogs which you can check with the monitoring module.