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BUDR Effects on Replication

  • We have a client that has 2 locations and we're using Vizion Core's Replication software to replicate their storage to a 2nd location. We also do backups with Kaseya/Acronis to an External HD/NAS device. Our issue is whenever we run BUDR Backups, our replication software thinks it needs to start over (full replication) instead of just replicating the changes.
    Has anyone else ran into this kind of issue?


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  • Not familiar with that software... but several others I have used (including Kaseya's own offsite software) have not had that issue. They look at files, compare them, and synch the files that are different. Why not use K's offsite option?

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  • Kaseya can only replicate 1 folder. This software replicates both data and Virtual Machines so that we can bring up the company's 4 VM's at their other site in a matter of minutes...

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