This message is for all users using ShadowProtect, or anyone who needs scripts to copy data, read the copy log and report to Kaseya.

To monitor this process, I've written a little program which runs the robocopy, reads the robocopy log searching for errors and indications the backup did not complete, and creates windows event logs accordingly allowing us to monitor these backups from Kaseya. We get error event logs when it fails, and we get informational event logs when it completes.

This program is quite thorough, including having an interactive option which will show a green completed screen or red failed screen, for situations where users are clicking a desktop icon to run the backup and want such messages.

I just wanted to know if this is something people want. I have spent countless hours building this, so am considering putting a price on it. I'm not wanting to charge too much, maybe $50 plus an optional maintenance fee. There would be a bit of work for me to get it to a level where I'm happy to give it out, but based on responses here, I could have it ready in a few weeks.

Let me know. Also let me know if this sort of post, trying to sell little products like this, upsets you in any way. I don't want to be seen to be abusing this forum.


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