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converting tib file to vhd

  • Need to convert an incremental image of a domain control to a vhd image for recovery for sharepoint document library data.

    Started the conversion and seemto go fine.
    vhd got to 43.9 gig but doesnt seem to grow further...

    tried it all last night and the vhd seemed to disapear after it got past 30 gig...

    does the convert to vm/vhd functionality work via Kaseya?

    Im asuming that the vhd should run in MS virtual server r2 and wont require virtual pc...

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I never tried to convert an incremental image to vhd... I think one of my guys mentioned to me that we couldn't convert an incremental to vhd, it had to be a full (you'll want to confirm that with support).

    The new VHD should run on Virtual PC, VS R2, & Hyper-V (we've successfully tested this on all).

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