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Large incrementals on SBS servers

  • So for some of our larger SBS accounts (clients that have 30-40 users on an SBS), nightly incrementals can be in the range of 8-12GB. This poses a massive problem when it comes to offsiting them to our datacenter (with a T1 upstream, the maximum amount of information that can be uploaded in 24 hours is around 13GB, and I doubt our clients want us to max-out their upstream during business hours, so in reality a 6-7GB incremental is the maximum possible under this scenario).

    Is anyone else hitting sizes this large? I'd love to open up a log file and see what's causing it but it doesn't appear that any such option exists. We don't have volume defrags scheduled and there aren't any funky apps running that are copying files around... Any ideas?

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  • I imagine, because the servers are SBS, that you'll be doing exchange backups with this. If this is the case, you need to do an offline defrag otherwise you will be backing the entire store each time it changes... I think.

    Give that a shot and see if it helps.

    EDIT: Oops, offline defrag, not backup!

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  • Not necessarily... I went and looked at one of my Exchange servers that we backup (full monthly with daily inc). The Exchange data store is 70GB (approx). The daily incrementals are around 3.5 GB. So I wouldn't put the blame on that.

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  • We experience the same thing with one of our customers that is an engineering firm. The problem there is that the mere act of opening a CAD file causes the entire file to be backed up in the incremental that evening. They are in and out of many CAD and Revit files in the course of a day so their incrementals are typically from 8 to 12 GB.

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  • I think your problem is the exchange transaction logs.
    Acronis is not 'exchange aware' in that when it backs up, it doesn't clear the transaction logs - unlike nt backup.
    Run an NT backup daily as well, just for the exchange data store, and this will clear the logs.

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  • Im having the same problem with an SBS box that does not have Exchange installed. The full backup is 70gb with an 8GB inc. Sure would like to know what is causing this as we are using the offsite backup as well and this is killing us.


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  • Just a few thoughts...

    1) Do you have Volume Shadow Copies enabled? If so, what are the daily image sizes for the 7AM and 12PM images?

    2) Regarding Exchaneg Transaction Logs, you coudl also enable Circular Logging. THis is the default for the new SBS2008.


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