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Does someone know what will be new in BUDR 4.0? I have seen on the roadmap 2010-2011 that somewhere AppAssure Relay will be used as BUDR option.



Arno Schalke


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  • Hi, the announcement Date is 28 December 2010. Abount AppAssure I don't know something

  • Take a look at www.appassure.com/appassure-integrates-its-replay4-local-and-offsite-backup-and-disaster-recovery-software-into-the-kaseya-it-management-solution

    It doesnt say that its BUDR 4 so it might get a bit confusing if this is a seprate option supported by Kaseya

  • AppAssure is a third party extension, won't be sold by Kaseya I think, but it does integrate now.

    BUDR 4.0 has been announced btw : www.kaseya.com/.../Kaseya_BUDR_4_0_Release_Announcement.pdf

  • I wonder if this will bring back the full GUI or the limited version still that was developed by Kaseya?

  • I've just been reading the release details for BUDR 4.0 and it sounds good.

    Does anyone know if the BUDR version includes the de-duplication module?  This would be awesome!

    Is anyone using it yet?

  • I like the idea of restoring in minutes instead of hours but I am not sure how they will accomplish that. Sounds good to me ....

  • Hi!

    Does anybody use appassure now? I've a look at it, but it seems very expensive.

  • Hi,

    I finally know it!

    We are beginning to use AppAssure right now, it is a really nice product, and way beyond in BUDR. The enduser price in europe for the MS SBS version is around € 799,- (including the Exchange and SQL option). If you want to replicate the data to an offside location the price of this option for one server is about € 275,-. (This includes the license for the needed Replay core offsite at your location or datacenter)

    The price for Replay for Exchange or Replay for SQL is a bit expensive (€ 1799,- and € 1299,-). For workstation the price is cheap (€ 69,-).

    For now the MS SBS version is a great BUDR solution and overall the software is so much more then i.e. Acronis.

    About the AppAssure add-in for Kaseya, this is a thirth party add-in and is free of charge at the moment and you can request the add-in at AppAssure

    Best regards,

    Arno Schalke

  • Hi Arno.

    Are you from Germany?

    Is there any german distribution for the software? Is it usable as MSP - so can we buy it and install and move between our customers as we can do it with BUDR from Kaseya?

  • I am hoping it will be cost effective.    If this product is not sold through kaseya and their is a problem whom would take ownership of the problem for example scheduling , alerting not working.       Problems with acorns and integration. Proves that we need to have someone that takes ownership verses pointing fingers.  

  • Hi Kai,

    I am from The Netherlands, if you're looking for a distributor in in Germany, take a look at the following link to contact AppAssure: landing.appassure.com/PartnerContactUs.html

    I did buy a few licenses at the moment, and it looks like they are all on my name. I don't have ti give the names of the company's where i installed the software.

    So it looks like you can move the license easily between customers.

    For the support, i dont think there will be a great problem with that. The software does it's own backup scheduling once it is configured. So you can see the Kaseya add-in as an extension of the product, and not a replacement for the local admin console.

    Best regards,

    Arno Schalke

  • Sounds great.

    But so many money  ... Hmm...

  • Hi Kai,

    did you already have good experiences with appassure?

    Do we have to order the products of England or did you find a distributor in germany?

    Grüße aus Südtirol! ;-)

  • Hi Richard.

    Experiences at the moment, no. But i've bought one license and starting today.

    You can buy your appassure-license from your Kaseya Consultant (since three weeks). Give him a call.

    @Südtirol: Great! We must be "K-Connected"!

  • Hi Kai,

    ok thanks I have contacted our Kaseya Consulant.

    Thanks Richard