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Offsite with synthetic backups, a few questions.

  • We have 1 SBS server which we want to backup, we have a VPN to an off site location, at that location there is another server whos job it is only to store offsite backups.

    what i want to do is use synthetic backup to backup the sbs server and store the files on the offsite server obviously this would be useful for the small size of data transfered.

    ive watched the video tutorials but they do not make it clear on the best method of setting this up.

    it says that the server responsible for stitching the synthetic backup and last full backup together may suffer heavy resource use during the stitching process. for me i would prefer the stitching process was performed only by the off site server. this server does absolutely nothing else so it would make sense to use its resources and leave the sbsserver free to do all the work it has to do.

    on top of that in the video it also states that synthetic backups only work on a local network.

    my worry is that if i perform a synthetic backup and the local sbserver is set to be the local backup store, it will perform a synthetic backup piece it together using its resources, then try to ship the whole full backup file over to the remote location which would be completely wrong.

    if this is the case an i hope it isn't, the other option i have is to set the remote server as the local file server using the vpn. this way kaseya thinks that the remote server is on the same lan and ships the synthetic backup file over the vpn to the remote server where it is stitched together and stored.

    however the worry here is 1 will the Internet be fast enough to transfer the files in a live backup, 2 if we need to restore any files or a full os there would be no local copy of the file at the server location adding transfer time to the restore

    can you help sort me out on this one, Thanks

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  • We have been struggling to get the same process to work. The synthetic Full never gets stitched together on the offsite server. Either one of two things happens. The Full get stitched on the local server and copied to the offsite (not what we want) or the Full gets created locally and never gets stitched on the offsite server. So we end up with incrementals offsite but no full.

    We are currently working with support on this but it is becoming clearly obvious that this "feature" was never tested thoroughly enough.

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