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Failure to "Mount" volumes, multiple servers

  • Okay, continuing problems with BU-DR on some of our servers. The Volume backups complete "successfully" every night, and the verify cycle is successful as well.

    However, when I go to "mount" a volume to see if it can actually be read, I get an error every time:

    Mount failed.
    User must be logged in to mount the volume.
    That user must have access rights to \\[servername]\BackupTarget\

    I _AM_ logged in to the console through the Remote connector (VNC) and I'm logged in as the administrator user who can easily see the backup target share. This is occurring on multiple servers, both BUDR 9.1 and 9.5.

    What's going on here?

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  • Hello Dan

    I am having the same problem. I have support call in from about 2 weeks ago on this. I have not heard anything back. On mine it says that the mount was successfull but I have no drives. I have tried through the trueimage.exe and get an error that it can not mount the drives. When I hear something I will reply back


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  • I have had these issues before... one quick way around them is to not mount the image but to run recovery (which will run the restor wizard) and you can select the files/folders you wish to recover.

    I actually got this working eventually... I vaguely remember it may have been something with permissions at the root of the drives? Maybe the system account was missing? Not sure though...

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