Hi All,

We have a confirmed issue with BU-DR (currently open to Tech Support and Acronis) where backing up a server "disk #1" changes the backup source depending upon whether an RD1000 (removeable SATA) cartridge is inserted. If inserted, the cartridge becomes the backup source. If ejected, the primary server hard drive is the source. It's as if it can't properly determine which disk disk #1 is.

The temporary suggested workaround to this issue was to backup by Partition letters, rather than disk number.

My question: If I back up C: and D: (versus "Disk:1"), is that all I need to do a bare-metal restore and have a fully-booting server when done? Will recovery of Partition backups re-create the Partition table(s), MBR and Boot sectors (as does a disk backup) such that the system will boot afterwards? If so, then there's really no reason for me to push the issue with this particular bug--I'll just stick with Partition backups.


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