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BUDR newbie question

  • Hello. Been using Kaseya for about 6-months now - have about 1,5000 Agents deployed. We I have not (yet) tried the Acronis/BUDR piece. I am thinkign of giving it a try. But I need to address a question/issue first...

    We presently use Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) for our imaging technology. We have many laptop users - so scheduling their images is not really an option. We train them to click the BESR system tray icon once a week, when they are in the office, and click the Backup Now option from the BESR popup menu. We then monitor the BESR events for successful or failed images. And we investgate any failures, and we also monitor for the absense of a success event for more than 30 days.

    Since the user Interface for the Acronis software is hidden (from what I understand) using the Kaseya method, I am trying to find a way to give users an option to manually make an image.

    From what I understand, I could create an icon or menu item to link to the underlying Acronis software, and kick-off backup jobs that way. But then (from what I understand), Kaseya would have no knowledge of those backups performed outside of Kaseya.

    I suppose I could make an icon or menu item, that would create an eventlog entry, that would be monitored for via Kaseya, that could then call a script to kick-off an image - but I an not sure if that is possible. is that possible somehow?

    Is there any way to let a user initiate a BUDR image creation, and have it be managed by Kaseya (in terms of deleting older imaging, being included in reporting, etc).

    As always, thanks very much for the help!


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  • I have been using Kaseya for about 6 months now and have not discovered/found a way for a user to start the imaging themself.

    There is functionality to browse an image to recover just one file etc. I have not been able to implement for a user to control it. I don't think that is in the design either at this point. Right now one of my techs will take the support call and will mount the image to that user's machine. Then that user can browse the back up and copy the file back off to their local machine. That or my tech can remote in and perform that for them as well.

    Basically a neat feature would be to add an option to the customer portal allowing a client to mount backup images associated to that machine.

    Hope this is somewhat helpful

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  • If your client can browse to the directory where the image is, then all he needs to do is double click on the image and the Acronis restore wizard will begin. Of course the client will need the image password before he can restore a file. If you want to mount, then browse to the image, right click on it and choose mount.

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