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Keeping Backups for more than a year

  • I have a client with 200+ gigs that they need to keep for more than a year. They need to be able to go back to any point in time within dos programs on individual computers for at least a year. (I already tried to locate the data on the server… It did not play nice with their dos apps)

    I was thinking about using kaseya BUDR to make one full backup at the start of the month and continue with incremental until the next month. At the start of each month we can start with a fresh drive and archive the previous months drive. It wouldn’t cost very much and this should give them the ability to find a file from any day for up to a year.

    Anyone see a problem with this, or have a better solution?

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  • I have several clients with this same kind of solution. Also, you can break the mold with Monthly fulls and go with a full every two months (need only 6 NAS devices) or every 3 months (needing only 4 NAS devices). I'm kind of starting to like the1 full every 3 month philosophy with 3 set retention going to a NAS. Then using Kaseta offsite features, we synch up the backup to another NAS that goes offsite. Just my thoughts.

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