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xcopy to USB device fails

  • We are trying to use Kaseya to copy our Acronis images off of Buffalo Terastation NAS device daily. We have the clients swap out the USB drive on their workstation once the images have been copied to the USB drive. This all works fine if the images dont' take 2 hours to xcopy to the USB drive. At exactly 2 hours using robocopy or xcopy we get one of two errors in the agent logs.

    FAILED in processing THEN step 3, Execute DOS Command, with error Command Message Timed Out, robocopy \\backup\servers\ e:\backup /e

    or FAILED in processing THEN step 3, Execute DOS Command, with error Spawn Failed, xcopy \\backup\servers i:\backup /y /s /i

    It seems that there may be some sort of timeout on xcopy or dos command, but I have not been able to find a way around it.

    I would to be able to use xcopy to copy from a UNC path to the USB device, because we can alert the user when the backup is complete and they don't have to go to the server closet to swap out devices.

    Any ideas on this would be helpful, Kaseya support said it wasn't their problem.


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  • Why use Xcopy? Why not use offsite replication build into K?

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  • I am pretty new to the BUDR and I guess I still don't understand exactly how the BUDR Offsite replication works. I understand that you can schedule the replication to happen during windows of time to handle copying the images to a USB device on the network, but how do you know when it's done? I know there is an offsite alert, but that only handles failed connections.

    I would like to be able to tell clients that they need to have the device connected to their pc to copy the last nights images between 10am and 2pm. Then, alert them to the fact that it is complete, so they can swap out the USB drives and take one of them offsite that night.

    I don't have to use xcopy, but that seemed to be the most straight forward solution.


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  • File size limitation problem with xcopy perhaps? if so, try limiting the size of the image files to less than 630Mb (or one cd worth)

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  • I guess you are copying multiple images and it fails after coping some of these images.

    Try running 2 or 3 copies one after the other. Just make sure the second or third copy process copys only changed files.

    Step 1: robocopy \\backup\servers\ e:\backup /MIR
    Step 2: robocopy \\backup\servers\ e:\backup /MIR
    Step 3: robocopy \\backup\servers\ e:\backup /MIR

    robocopy /MIR - mirrors both source and destination. It copies changes.

    OR, Using xcopy

    Step 1: xcopy \\backup\servers i:\backup /y /s /i /d /c
    Step 2: xcopy \\backup\servers i:\backup /y /s /i /d /c
    Step 3: xcopy \\backup\servers i:\backup /y /s /i /d /c

    xcopy /d - copies files with newer date
    xcopy /c - continues copying if errors occur.

    In both of the above:
    When Step 1 fails (hopefully after copying most of your files) Step 2 starts and continues copying the rest of the files.
    If Step 2 fails, Then it tries again in Step 3.

    If Step 3 fails (after 6 hours).... You've got larger problems.

    In the above, If Step 1 completes successfully. Step 2 copies nothing

    By no means do I consider this a fix, but should point you in the right direction.

    Good Luck

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  • The timeout problem could be related to Kaseya's 2-hour limit before it generates a timeout error. I have seen this on long spyware scans. The scans finish to completion, but Kaseya says the Kscript Ended with a timeout error after 2 hours.

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  • You know, the offsite feature does need some kind of alerting or reporting that alerts us to its progress. This is a needed feature!

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  • that's why i didn't want to use it.

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  • That's too bad... the feature really works as advertised, but there's no reporting to confirm that it is working, and how well it is working. The only way we can find that out is to manually check it daily (which of course defeats automation). Maybe someone from K will read this thread (hint hint) and do something aobut it?

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  • That 2-hour timeout has been causing me frequent issues of late.....support has been completely unhelpful so I have simply had to devise much more complicated scripts.......in your case a possibility would be.......

    Leave the beginning of your script the same until you start Xcopy. After starting it do not wait for completion.....put in a 20-30 minute time delay and then run a second script.

    This second script starts with an if statement to see if XCopy is running.....if so, delay another 20-30 minutes and then have the script call itself. Have the Else portion run the verification steps from your original script.

    This gets around the 2-hour delay.........just not as nicely as it would be if we could set that parameter within each script.

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  • What kind of client networks are you supporting? Online/offs-site has never been viable for our clients. Just too much darn data being backed up everyday. Just any old plain exchange server does 1GB incrementals. Then you have the DB server, file server. At least 4GB of changes per day per client. Some clients are easily over 10-20GB per day.

    Lets do the math for a T1 (simple and not perfectly accurate):

    150KB per second = 9MB per minute or 540MB per hour.

    That's roughly 8 hours to do one night's incrementals over a T1!!!

    For us (and we have a very decent size client base) we use the USB drive method. Backups are done to a central NAS box and then off-sites are copied to USB drives via our custom code. Fulls once per week with daily incrementals. Some clients offsite once per day, some twice per week, and some once per week. Simple, cheap, effective.

    No worrying about the Offsite seeds, offsite's failing and getting backlogged, holding your clients data (being liable for any issues with that), worrying about how to store all that data, or worrying if some random incremental from 30 days ago is bad which makes the whole set bad.

    Anyone actually making money on Internet backup? Like real money? Factoring in your time, your employees time, etc?

    We make money everyday on BUDR and it's easy to manage. We use USB drives and it's bulletproof.

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  • Would you mind sharing some details on your script to copy to the USB drives?

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