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RAID Configuration

  • We are looking at using a NAS device for our backup storage. What RAID configuration is the recommended solution? I am assuming that it would be RAID-5. Anyone come up with any other concerns/issues using a NAS device for the storage?

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  • It all depends on what you're willing to spend, and what the requirements are. If you need to be backing up a dozen PCs to it at the same time, you'll need a couple of gigabit NICs, and you might want to do RAID5+0 (two or more RAID5 arrays where the data is striped across each array). But you use a lot of disks that way. A RAID5 array of serial attached SCSI disks would give you good performance, and allows one disk to fail. The less common RAID6 allows for the failure of two disks.

    From my perspective, you need to ask the following questions:

    • How quickly can I replace a disk in this array should it fail? (If the answer isn't 'same day', you risk losing a second drive and all of your data if you use anything other than RAID6).
    • How quickly am I writing data to this device? (If you're still on 100mbps networking, speed isn't going to be an issue. But if you've got gigabit ethernet, it's certainly feasible that your network can pull data faster than the drives can write it. Faster drives allows you to fully utilize the available bandwidth, and backup more machines in a shorter time frame. Don't discount growth here either - a 100mbps network now can be 1gbps tomorrow.)
    • How much can I spend on this NAS? (The above two questions are important, but if the customer won't pay it, it's useless. Look for a good fit of disk replacement time, write speed, and cost.)

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  • What's the peak number of machines that will be backing up at one time?

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