EekHi All, newbie here with a newbie issue, hope you can assist.

I have a test server setup with 2 scsi raids running on a adaptec 2120s, C:\ is the system disk and is on the smaller of the two arrays. I also have 2 IDE drives connected directly to the MB for data and VMWare images.

When I create a backup, it dumps it accross the network to another system, alll that works GREAT. BUT when i do an autorecovery using the Kaseya interface, it reboots fine, obviously sees the arrays as it has the SZ on C:\, and it finds the images to restore okay but it writes them back to the E:\ completely over writing anything on it.

I suspect that the SZ booter is seeing the drives in a different order to what windows sees. In windows, the IDE's are seen as drives 0 & 1 and the first scsi ( c: ) as drive 2 -shown as drive 3 in kaseya BUDR interface due to the numbering starting from 1 not 0.

So when the linux kernel boots during auto recovery it gets the drive order wrong and destorys a drive that probably would contain data.

Is my assumption correct? there is not a lot of feedback on the screen or in Kaseya durng a restore procedure and no option to choose a drive.

How do I prevent this from happening?

No point doing backups if the restore option is not as good as the backup side of things.

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