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Verify of images

  • At my location, the backups complete, but the verification process takes a extended time to complete. The hardware is the same at multiple sites, but only at one site the verify can run as long as 10hrs. Any reasons or ideas on what's causing this?

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  • Check your Pages/Sec on perfmon

    I have found that on some servers running other applications that this jumps from 0 - 1500 when I run the verify.

    Why does this happen? Its a problem with Acronis because it happens when I run trueimage.exe and do a manual verify.

    Mine end up failing and I have to rethink my backups to get a verify to work.

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  • My Kserver is only a Kserver and no other applications are running on it.
    At the problem location it takes longer for the verify than it takes for the backup to complete. example 24.5GB backup 2 hours, to verify the image over 12 hours.
    And at other locations the hardware is the same and they all backup to identical servers with the verify stage finishing alot faster than at this particular site. I've had verify image processes running as long as 17 hours at this site, which then causes it to overlap with the next back cycle causing it to be skipped. Any idea's or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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