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More Detailed Logging KBUDR K4.8

  • Is there a way to enable more detailed logging of backup results?

    I notice that if you run a backup manually using the trueimage.exe program locally on a computer - there is a lot more detail in the logs that the program generates which helps troubleshoot problems.

    The logs available in the backup tab do not contain the level of detail I would like to see and I don't see where any other .log files are written on the local computer (at least not in the trueimage folder).

    For example, I was troubleshooting backup issues with a vista computer - I ran a manual backup and in the logs I was able to determine the cause was a network issue - tested a backup with windows firewall turned off and everything worked. Without running a manual backup - I wouldn't have known to check the firewall settings or troubleshoot the network performance.

    Not a big deal for desktops - but on servers - it would be nice to have a log that could be reviewed (locally is fine) vs. having to run a manual backup to get the information.

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  • Answering my own question...

    Detail is found on the Backup Status page, select the system you want to see the detail for, and click "View Last Backup Log" at the bottom.


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