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  • At this moment we use Freecom Toughdrive USB disks for the backup at customers, however we are not so charmed about the disk being attached by an usb externally and swapping this(letting it) at our customers.
    And its also bit risky because a lot of customers unplug the usb like
    that otherwise they have to logon to the server to safely unplug the device.

    As it is not possible with tapes(whichs acronis can), I was wondering if it would work with an Removable disk unit like for example:
    GoVault of Quantum: http://www.quantum.com/Products/removabledrives/Index.aspx

    So the customer has a unit which stays attached and they can swap disks like with tape.

    Please a good advise (Offline isnt always a good solution as in the Netherlands still a lot of customers have a simple adsl line).


    Casper Lammertink

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  • I like the solution, but what if the Govault that you have on site is damaged? I guess you need to purchase a second one for offsite (or else how will you get the data from the drive?). Also, what if the vendor changes design midstream... will they support backward compatibility.

    Finally, for the price of a Cart I could easily get and EXt HD with Ethernet and triple the space. All I'll need to do is IP all of the Ext HD's the same and swap them out daily.

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  • I know swapping disks is an job need to be done by hand. But what is the customer has an data of 120Gb. Upstreaming this reliable by an upstream of 1024kbps is a long way to go.
    Online backup is nice when there is fiber at the customer site, i think.
    The network external disks are to big to swap daily and carry out the office.


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