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Cisco routers managment

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I have a couple of Cisco router (2800 series) which I would like to manage through Kaseya. I already know the OIB but cannot figure out how to install agents on them and configure Kaseya to monitor them.

I would appreciate you help. Thanks a lot.

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  • You can't install agents on Cisco.  The best you could do is monitor them via SNMP from another Kaseya agent installed on the network.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Where can i find documentation/help  on how to setup and monitor Cisco routers on another Kaseya agent?

  • Hey Guys...

    I think Kaseya cant monitor the Networking devices. Like:- Routers, Switches, Printers etc..

    If it can, please come with some web-links or documents so that every one can be benefited with this.


    Amit Kumar Sharma

  • If you look under the Monitor tab you can use SNMP to monitor devices liek you mentioned.  It's very, very basic but it gives you something to start with.  There are a couple of examples supplied.

  • But I don't think so....

    Have you any document which can show me that, how can be a router/Switch monitored by Kaseya?

    If there is any please provide me the doc web-link so that I can also understand and monitor it for my Company infrastructure also.

  • Hi Amit,

    I have a fair few documents on how this is done, and we do it with great success. Private message me or leave your email address here (don't know how to attach files).

    Basically, what you are talking about is monitoring hardware through Kaseya, using SNMP



    Kaseya Agent installed on a server and runs a LAN WATCH.

    LAN WATCH returns all the SNMP enabled devices it can find.

    You upload the manufacturers MIBS into Kaseya via Monitor > Edit > Add SNMP Object

    Then make your SNMP sets

    Take a step back for a second, and those steps almost never work, but thats the theory.

    Internally, Kaseya does it slightly different, but better, these are the steps i will email you

    Some advice going forward (if you are new to this):


    Know / understand your network

    Know / understand SNMP BEFORE  you even touch Kaseya

    Utilise third party tools, we use getIF

    Know what you want to monitor:


    these are enterprise class hardware.

    All Hardware has oid's / MIBS in common, for interfaces etc

    You can monitor 80 percent of what you want from predefined MIBS

    The remaining 20 percent, i'd suggest using programs in the email i send, to live query a device.

    It took me 2 months worth of research to get a solid grounding in this, i researched:

    - SNMP, what it is, how it works

    - What are MIBS, how do they work, what do they contain, dependencies and so on

    - What are private MIBS vs public mibs?

    - What is an OID

    - What is an RFC Standard, what does it contain?

    - What

    Theres 2 months worth of training 9 X 5 to get a solid grounding in SNMP

    I strongly suggest following steps in the documents i send

    You will notice there is no mention of Kaseya until the end steps.

    I will post every link / document i have provided i get an email address

    I would almost promise you will get something useful out of the howto's.

    We monitor everything right down to unique SAN hardware information.

    When you are well versed enough in the concepts, you can monitor air conditioning units providing they have a network cable.

    Let me know how you want to procede.


  • Hello Mark....

    Nice to here from your side. amit.sharma@provaltech.com is my email ID you can sent the document to it....

    I am waiting for your kind response.

    Thanks much.


  • Mark, would it be possible to post this here, as I am curious to see this too... I have worked with SNMP before successfully, but whenever I use Kaseya I just seem to break the interface...

  • Yeah I would second that Rohop - we use a lot of third party tools for SNMP monitoring but love to get it all in one play with kaseya.  Have had a few attempts at getting kaseya snmp working but as one guy in the forums described it - it was like dragging an elephant up a hill.

  • Hi All,

    Alrighty, i figured out how to attach videos, look at the videos i made on getif, they are rudimentary, and you will still have things to learn.

    Hopefully these videos work.

    The gist of it is there. 

    Once you have getif working see this document.  3515.SNMP_without_MIBS_-Point_Paper_Rev_1.doc

    It is VERY important that you distinguish between OID's and INSTANCES of OIDS

    an OID is the root number of a sensor.

    Say you have
    Say this number is an interface GROUPS operational ID
    Every interface would be numbered after the 8. IE:

    These would represent INSTANCE 1-5, interface 1 to 5. 

    I didn't explain this in the video, because i ran out of time and the Kaseya documentation suffices. 

    When you are creating a CUSTOM OID, you would enter as the Numbered OID, and 1-5 as the SNMP Instance

    When you create your SNMP OBJECT, and create your SNMP SET, you will be then defining you rules

    Your rules might be:

    Notify Administrator when interface status changes.

    Im sure you know how to create an and ASSIGN an SNMP SET, if you dont, its a story for another day.

    Let me know what you think, we will keep this thread going.

    Kaseya staff, if you are watching, I'm quite happy to produce this sort of stuff with permission in my own time, but in some official capacity.  There is a chasm sized gap between the training material provided ,and real life visual examples.

    Sorry if i over promised, under delivered, i can't release our internal documentation, but i think tis goes one better anyway.


  • Crap! The videos are tiny, you can either be real I.T guys and download them out of your cache.

    Alternatively. I uploaded them to youtube.

    Alternatively. I viewed source code of the comcommunity.kaseya.com/.../3047.aspx URL, this might work (HIGH QUALITY FULL SCREEN)

  • ARgghh!!!! It didn't work with the full screen stuff. In IE > PAGE > VIEW SOURCE > Find swf, copy out 001.swf, 002.swf and 003.swf

  • Hey Mark....You are the man,,,,,,,,,

    Thanks a lot brother.........

  • Hello Mark,

    Please email me the documents. Thanks.

    My email address:  hannac@talentivy.com

    thanks a lot for your help.

  • please email them me too. Ian.spary@octaviais.co.uk